Canine Muscles and Movement

Different muscles play different roles in posture and movement, and effectively assessing their function can only be achieved with the help of professionals such as vets and therapists. Therefore, work with a professional to get effective therapeutic and performance enhancing aims for your dog…BUT understanding more about these muscles and their roles, will help you […]

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Sporting Dogs – How and Why to Warm Up

As mentioned in a previous blog, sport dogs can get a variety of injuries, such as: Agility – shoulder muscular injuries such as biceps brachii tenosynovitis, medial shoulder instability, and carpal injuries (Baltzer, 2012), and iliopsoas muscle strain (Markley et al. 2021) Flyball – chronic ligament laxity and achilles/calcaneal tendon rupture (Baltzer, 2012) Racing Greyhounds – general

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