Four Amigos Vet Physio provides physical and electro-therapy to horses and dogs, as-well-as instruction for groundwork and riding. Chloe aims to provide a friendly yet professional service, where all animals receive the 5star treatment they deserve. As-well-as aiming to provide owners with the knowledge and understanding of how to keep their animals in optimal condition.

Chloe provides mobile visits to horses (in Northamptonshire, West Cambridgeshire, South Leicestershire, North Bedfordshire and North Buckinghamshire), and clinic based (Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire) sessions for dogs. Performing assessment and treatment, working alongside local vets to ensure optimal after-care for diagnosed pathologies, as-well-as maintenance treatment for sporting animals, or animals with known physical abnormalities to prevent injury.

Static and dynamic assessment of animals is also provided online, alongside care packages to help owners keep their animals in peak physical condition, preventing/reducing pain, and compensatory movements, and thus preventing injuries/pathologies.

vet physio walking her dog beagles

About FAVP

Experienced University lecturer and qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist, Chloe prides herself on offering the very best service to pet and horse owners, to make sure they stay fit and healthy whether they’re a competition animal or simply a family friend. Find out more about Chloe on the link below.


About Physiotherapy

Veterinary Physiotherapy is a science based profession that has a holistic approach to animal health. It involves assessing movement and posture, and aims to reduce pain and restore musculoskeletal health and function. Still not sure if it’s right for you? Find out more on the link below.



Four Amigos Veterinary Physiotherapy offer a range of services across equine, canine and small animal , and online to ensure your animals are well cared for whatever their needs. Find out more about the services we offer below.