Veterinary Referral

Information for the Owner

As per the Veterinary Surgeons Exemptions Order 2015, remedial treatment of a pre-existing condition by any therapist requires consent from a veterinary surgeon who has first examined the animal. This means that in all cases where an animal is being seen for physiotherapy for the treatment of any clinical condition, injury or post-surgical rehabilitation, the animal must have a completed veterinary referral form signed by their veterinary surgeon, or have a veterinary referral note, before treatment can commence. This does not come at a cost to the owner, and is designed to ensure treatment is transparent and non-contradictory in approach, as-well-as ensuring treatment is effective for the condition.

Under new regulations, physiotherapy for the purpose of maintenance in a healthy animal, with no diagnosed chronic pathologies, does not require consent by a veterinary surgeon. 

However, treatment must cease at the first sign that there may be any underlying injury, disease or pathology, and owners will be advised to take their animal to a veterinary surgeon for evaluation, before treatment may recommence. Additionally, the physiotherapist and/or veterinary surgeon may ask the client for formal consent to disclose any concerns to the veterinary surgeon that has their animal under their care.

Information for the Veterinary Surgeon

My veterinary physiotherapy qualification (level 7 postgraduate qualification through Writtle University College) means I have taken clinical competency exams in physiotherapy techniques, as-well-as assessed on my understanding of clinical conditions.

Treatment will be based upon your history report notes and recommendations, with communication maintained during the process. Should consent be given, and the condition decline during treatment, a full report will be created and the animal referred back to you for investigation. Additionally, you may request reports from the physiotherapist at any point during the treatment programme to monitor progress.

Additionally for veterinary referral and insurance purposes, being registered with RAMP, and being an NAVP member, means my knowledge base is verified and continuously monitored to the highest standards.

National association of veterinary physiotherapists member

How can I obtain consent?

Consent can be obtained 2 ways

Download the species specific referral form below and send to your vet for completion, once completed you can email the form to me. Your animal will not need to be re-seen by the vet and consent does not cost to obtain.


I can take away all the stress and hassle and do it for you! Just tell me the name of your vet practice and their email address and I will request consent for you

Small Animal

Find out more about how Veterinary Physiotherapy can help your small animal with their general health and wellbeing, manage ongoing conditions, and improve recovery from injury.


Explore more about my services for your leisure or competition horse, to keep them in top condition, in peak performance and comfortable in day to day life, or improve recovery from injury/diagnosed condition.

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