About FAVP

About Chloe

With 20+ years’ experience in the equine industry, and 8 in the canine, I started by volunteering at a young age at a local riding school and loaning horses before finally purchasing my own aged 15. It was from here that my love of equine and therapy developed, with the business based on his legacy, and how my life shifted to learning to help other owners in similar situations.

Since lecturing I got more and more involved with the canine side, and this was only inspired further after getting 2 dogs of my own! Therefore this fuelled my desire to undertake a full Veterinary Physiotherapy qualification and educate more owners on the common problems we have bred into dogs and how to make our four legged friends have many more happy years with us.

Qualifications & Experience

I started in the equine industry when I was 7, before obtaining a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Equine Performance, with a level 2 in coaching with UKCC and the British Horse Society. Having worked in the equine industry in various roles such as a groom for riding schools, volunteering at Point to Point races, becoming a graduate intern at Hartpury college, and as a riding instructor before entering lecturing, I have a range of experience in the equestrian industry. I now train my own dog since 2021 in agility and have obtained a passion for canine performance as a result.

I became an equine and canine physical therapist in 2013 with a diploma from Equi-Therapy/Cani-Therapy UK, and in 2019 completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy to upskill and provide more services. I have also been a lecturer since 2015, lecturing in equitation and performance, equine and canine anatomy, physiology, and therapy. Plus, I’m a member of the BHS, as-well-as NAVP and RAMP, meaning my care is professionally monitored and regulated and up to date.

vet physio walking her dog beagles

Why Four Amigos?

Four Amigos (USA) was my horse Alfie’s official racing name. He came in to my life when I was 15, and changed my World. Due to his strenuous racing life, he developed several chronic conditions such as sacroiliac dysfunction and hock osteoarthritis, therefore I developed an interest in therapy.

I therefore decided to name my business after him since he inspired my journey, and felt it was fitting due to horses and dogs being our four legged friends, with Amigos meaning friends in Spanish! And thus, Four Amigos Veterinary Physiotherapy was born.