Why might your horse need a Physio?

  • Is their behaviour towards you aggressive and/or retreating? (Or has it become so?)
  • Are they struggling with their previous workload level, or struggling to reach the next stage in performance?
  • Are they “tripping” more?
  • Have they started refusing fences?
  • Have they started behaviours such as bucking or rearing or spooking?
  • Do they struggle with canter transitions or a particular canter lead?
  • Do they struggle to go “on the bit”?
  • Do they show signs of aggression during grooming or tacking up?
  • Do they have trouble loading on to a trailer or lorry?
  • Do they have areas of muscle weakness or muscle enlargement?
  • Does their saddle slip or do you find them harder to ride on one rein than another?
  • Do they wear down their shoes unevenly?

Any of these signs (and many more) can be a sign your horse would benefit from physical therapy! They can be signs of discomfort in areas signifying underlying pathology and/or weakness and pain.

vet physio laser therapy horse
vet physio massage horse

The Process

  • Complete initial assessment where a history is taken, comprehensive information on management, and static and dynamic assessment as well as full palpation
  • Treatment is then based on my findings where I use combinations of light/LASER therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, kinesiotaping, TENS/NMES, heat therapy, massage, range of motion and stretches
  • I can also perform rehabilitative exercises and tailor plans for you and your horse
  • For any follow up sessions I compare to the previous times and reassess to ensure if I can continue with the current plan or need to adjust
  • You will be provided with a report on findings and exercise plan, as-well-as a report for your vet if necessary

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“Promoting optimal function through physical therapy”

Initial Consultation


This is the first session. Includes case history, static and dynamic assessment, therapy session, discussion of treatment plan

Follow-up Session


Includes follow up consultations and therapy session based on individual requirements

RRE Plan


A 6week rehabilitation plan will be written with consultation from your vet (£10). I am available to carry out some of this plan, price includes plan and 1 practical session (£40). Follow up sessions at extra cost

Rehab Exercise


Either instructing you how to do it on your own horse or performing myself. Lunging, long reining, riding, all included. Can assist with teaching the horse also e.g. for horses who haven’t long reined

Sporting Horse Biomechanical Assessment and Treatment


For sporting horses it is imperative to truly understand their strengths and weaknesses at an in depth level, as well as receiving regular physio to prevent injury by working on these weaknesses. This includes 1 physio session, biomechanical kinematic assessment report and 4week exercise programme

Treatment & Rehab Exercise


Physiotherapy treatment and exercise interlinked based on requirements. Will need to have had initial consultation previous to this

Static & Dynamic Assessment

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An online static and dynamic assessment of your horse, providing a report and rehabilitative exercise plan. (See online services tab)

Still not sure? Here's what others have said

“Jazz changed a lot over the winter, lost a lot of weight and started changing how he was using himself so was quite sore. We had Chloe come out and then went on to qualify for GB Winter Dressage Champs. I think that says it all, can’t recommend her enough!”


My coaching is based on prehabilitation or rehabilitation. Creating better harmony with horse and rider and ensuring longevity of use. I am available to teach and exercise horses, provide riding coaching, or therapy and rehabilitation exercises together.

“Chloe is a wealth of knowledge and always keeps up to date with the latest research and scientific evidence behind her treatments. Prior to COVID, she had my 22 year old gelding looking and working the best he had in a long time. Would highly recommend her services to anyone.” – Gemma Anthony


“Creating harmony between horse and rider, optimising movement and ensuring longevity”
before and after horse in training

Individual Riding Lesson


45minutes, At your own yard on your own horse. Includes initial assessment and goal setting for horse and rider, incorporated in to session

Group Riding Lesson


At your own yard on your own horses. For 2 or 3 people, hour session to account for less individual time. Must have similar riding goals/lesson requirements

Work Behind the Session

It may seem like the cost is just for the time during your session, but vet physio sessions for companion animals and horses it includes:

  • Veterinary liaison
  • Report writing for you and your vet if required
  • Travel to and from the session
  • Treatment (including static and dynamic assessment, range of motion assessment, muscular palpation, and treatment with manual techniques and electrotherapies)
  • Exercise prescription formation
  • Aftercare contact when required 

For equine coaching sessions it includes:

  • Lesson planning / goal creation programme
  • Travel to and from the lesson
  • Lesson (based on your goals and desires)
  • Aftercare contact when required 

You are not just paying for the session, but all that goes with it. As-well-as the peace of mind of hiring a well qualified, regulated, and insured professional.