Horse riding rehabilitation

Riding for Rehab

So although we could comment on a LOT of things with my position (such as my horribly contracted hip flexors!)…we are going to focus on the horse 😉

This horse is slightly older in age, and suffers from bilateral hock osteoarthritis, and has always had a slightly stubborn and “lazy” temperament (unless jumping!)

These 2 images were taken 6 months apart in the same arena, with the top photo being the most recent. I long reined him and hacked more earlier on to encourage equal weightbearing, build muscle and stamina, and add some lateral work on the ground to increase core strength. I progressed to double lunged him in a very large outdoor arena and oval circles to increase core engagement and bending through encouraging the correct frame and encouraging hind limb protraction. I utilised pole work to increase hock flexion and stabilise rhythm and increase core engagement, and I worked on canter transitions in his school work, using speed play and large circles to work on encourage his weight back and increasing muscular control.

As you can see in the top photo his frame is more relaxed and soft in his shape. He has increased limb protraction (forward movement), and he is less on the forehand. He wont ever be a dressage winner, but making him more comfortable and stronger was my aim! And the fact his ears are more relaxed and his eyes less tense in the top photo shows he is more comfortable!

If you’d like to know how I can help you and your horse get in touch!